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About us

We are excited to announce the launch of a new platform that will help improve communication between seniors and their caregivers. This platform will help connect seniors with the care and medical personnel they need, and provide a forum for updates and information sharing.This platform is designed to make life easier for both seniors and their caregivers. It will provide a central place for information about medical appointments, medications, care needs, and more. This will help reduce confusion and feelings of isolation among seniors, who may feel overwhelmed by the process of coordinating their care.The launch of this platform is just one way we are working to improve the relationship between seniors and the medical staff who care for them. We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients, and this platform is another step in that direction.

woman in brown button up shirt holding white smartphone
woman in brown button up shirt holding white smartphone

Project bootstrap

The project is being developed with the support of the program titled.Connect Poland Prize co-financed by the European Unionfrom the funds of the European Regional Development Fundas part of the Operational ProgramIntelligent Development 2014-2020, Priority AxisII: Support for the environment andcapabilities of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activities, Measure 2.5Acceleration Programs - Poland Prize